Root Canals

We’re well aware that the term “root canal” isn’t what most people want to hear when they come into the dentist’s office. Just the name can make people feel dental anxiety and wish they hadn’t come in at all.

However, root canals are often misunderstood procedures. Often times a root canal can bring immediate pain relief. The procedure itself will keep your tooth clean, healthy, and infection-free.

There’s no need to dread root canals, especially when you can go into the process knowing that the procedure will keep you from experiencing further dental problems in the future.

Why Do I Need a Root Canal?

All adult teeth contain a small amount of pulp in their roots. This pulp is important while teeth are growing. Once teeth have established themselves and matured, this pulp is no longer needed.

When a tooth is cracked or otherwise damaged, it creates an opening to allow bacteria into the tooth and the pulp inside. When this pulp becomes infected, it can be extremely painful. This is one of the primary situations that requires a root canal.

If you’re experiencing tooth pain, it’s a good idea to come in to our office and meet with our staff. It’s possible that a root canal can bring you relief!

What Is a Root Canal?

After the area has been numbed with local anesthesia, Dr. Croasdill will remove the infected pulp of the tooth, which is no longer needed. After the pulp is removed, the doctor will clean the area, pack it with a sterile material to prevent future infections. Your root canal is finished!

Depending on your individual situation, the doctor might recommend a crown on the tooth to further protect it from damage.

Protecting your tooth from further infection is wonderful, but patients are usually most impressed by the way a root canal can relieve the debilitating pain they have been experiencing. An infected tooth is very painful, but a root canal can bring lasting relief from that tooth pain.

Get Relief from the Pain of an Infection!

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