Metal-Free Dentistry

Historically, metal fillings and crowns have been very popular in dentistry. These dental restorations have been made from gold, silver, tin, copper, and more. Unfortunately, many of these metals don’t make ideal fillings for various reasons.

Obviously, metals don’t blend in with your natural teeth. It’s clear that they’re unnatural, which makes them an unappealing option for many patients.

Depending on temperature and general wear and tear, metal fillings also tend to shrink and expand at a different rate than natural teeth. This can cause stress fractures in the tooth over extended periods.

Lastly, many types of metal fillings contain trace amounts of mercury. Mercury can be dangerous to the human body.

At our practice, we are committed to metal-free fillings and crowns because we want your restorations to be beautiful, long-lasting, and safe!

Tooth-Colored Fillings

With our tooth-colored fillings, you can expect to have your cavity filled in a way that is attractive and safe. When your filling blends in with your teeth, no one needs to know it’s there at all! More importantly, you won’t have to worry about the safety disadvantages that sometimes accompany metal fillings.

Our tooth-colored fillings will blend in naturally with your existing teeth. These fillings are made of composite ceramics and resins, which are made to be durable as well as naturally beautiful.

When you choose to get tooth-colored fillings, Dr. Croasdill will first match the color of your filling to the exact color of your teeth. Next, we’ll make sure your cavity is completely cleaned and prepared for the filling. Before you know it, you’ll have a protective filling for your tooth that matches your teeth exactly!

Porcelain Crowns

Metals have also been commonly used for tooth crowns, which can also be called caps. Our concerns about metal in your mouth are not centered on fillings alone. We also want to make sure your crowns are safe for your entire body.

Porcelain crowns have a number of advantages over metal crowns. They look natural, especially when we match the color to your other teeth. Porcelain has the same light-reflecting qualities that natural tooth enamel has. This adds to the natural effect that a porcelain crown has on your smile.

With porcelain crowns, you will have a crown that is as strong as it is natural-looking. No one has to know about your dental work when you have a porcelain crown to restore your tooth!

If porcelain is not an ideal option for your crown, we also offer zirconia! We love being able to provide options when it comes to metal-free dentistry.

Enjoy the Benefits of Metal-Free Dentistry!

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