Dental Implants in Tacoma WA

Missing teeth can do more than just make someone self-conscious of their smile. In fact, missing teeth have the potential to damage your oral health by causing other teeth to shift to fill in the empty space. Missing teeth can also cause an uneven bite force on the remaining teeth.

If you have been dealing with missing teeth for any amount of time, from days to years, come speak with our Tacoma dentists. Placing dental implants can restore your smile and improve your oral health!

The Procedure

The first step towards restoring your smile is placing posts that are made from a titanium alloy. By placing one or more titanium posts in your jaw where the missing teeth once were, you can have a strong foundation for new teeth. After the site has healed from the titanium placement, we can restore the teeth with crowns, dentures, or a bridge.

Not only are these implants extremely durable, but they look and feel completely natural. With a variety of tooth restoration options, your new tooth will blend easily with your other teeth. No one needs to know you ever lost that tooth at all!

The Results

After we’ve placed an implant, that gap in your smile will be filled. Many people experience a resurgence of confidence with the knowledge that their smile is intact and beautiful. The risk of other teeth shifting will be greatly reduced, and your jawbone in the affected area can stay strong and healthy.

Your new implant is designed to last. Typically there isn’t any extra care other than brushing and flossing. With all these benefits, we think you’ll be smiling long after you leave our office!

Restore Your Smile!

Contact us today to schedule an appointment or to learn more about what our dental implants can do for your unique smile!