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Our Tacoma dentist at Charles Croasdill, DMD Family & Cosmetic Dentistry is always glad to assist you with your smile, that is why we’d like to share with you some bad habits that can harm your teeth and how to avoid more damage.

Everyone loves a great smile but teeth are not only essential for appearance; they also play an important role in digestion and word articulation. Teeth are protected by enamel, a hard mineral surface; they are contained on a solid foundation of bone and gum, keeping them in place. These unique characteristics can be easily damaged if you have bad habits and repairing them can be challenging. So, what should you do to care for our smile?

Five Habits To Avoid To Keep Your Teeth Healthy

Below we will go over each of these habits in detail.Although these habits are extremely hard to break , you will find that avoiding them will be very beneficial to your teeth health.

Ice chewing 

During hot weather, we love to have an icy cold drink or ice by itself, and some of us might chew the ice without knowing the strain and damage that our teeth go through. When teeth come in contact with ice, the hardness and extreme temperature of it creates micro fractures in the enamel. Ice can harm so much to the point that a tooth can break away especially if you have large fillings. So next summer, remember, don’t crunch on ice. 

Soda, energy and sports drinks

As you may know, soda has tons of sugar amounts in it, studies have shown that these types of drinks have at least 9 teaspoons of sugar and different acids. These ingredients compromise the enamel of your teeth as a result of cavities and deterioration.  

Now, energy and sports drinks surprisingly hold just as much sugar and all this does when in contact with your teeth is weaken its mineral protection.

So what can you do? If needed, only use sports drinks for high demand activities or add some lemon to cold water and you’ll be good to go!

Teeth grinding

This condition is also known as bruxism and it’s developed by constant stress, your body’s way of showing an emotional imbalance. In appearance, teeth look and feel sanded or worn on the surface.

Grinding your teeth gradually thins away enamel and adds stress to the gums. Dental treatment exists to replace missing enamel, although it can be an extensive procedure.  

We suggest you get a custom fit nightguard to protect your teeth and get it replaced regularly.

Doing sports without mouth guards

Damaging your teeth in a sports-related activity can be life-changing; you are at risk of losing a tooth or fracturing them at any time and most people don’t use mouth protection. Playing a sport, especially a close contact one like basketball is a big danger for your teeth.  

There are athletic mouthguards designed with multiple layers of protection, you can have yours done according to your sports preference. 

Chewing tobacco

Smoking is a highly addictive habit and many people suffer negative effects. The most common problems caused by chewing tobacco, to name a few are bad breath, gum recession, tooth decay, and even worse oral cancer. All these resulting from the thousands of chemicals found in tobacco.

The best way to deal with tobacco is to not start using it. If you can’t quit, ask for help!

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